Different packaging

Specifications of 180 kg barrels
Sheet thickness (body) 0.6 cm
The thickness of the sheet (head and bottom of the barrel) 0.6 cm
Place the cap on the barrel Center
Diameter of the barrel cap 20 cm
Pure Barrel Capacity182 ± 2.5 kg .5 182 ± 2.5 kg .5
Barrel empty barrel weight 9.5 ± 2 cm
Height of barrels  100 cm
Barrel diameter 50 ± 2 cm
Color Black furnace

Number of barrels per inset: about 115 barrels without pallets and 90 barrels of pallets .
Number of barrels per container is 20 feet: 110 barrels without pallets and 80 barrels of pallets. .
Number of barrels per container is 40 feet: 137 barrels without pallets and 150 barrels of pallets. 

echnical Specifications for BituPlast
The net contents of each bag 40 kg
Bag height 90 cm
The width of the bag 43 cm

Product weight in box pallets: 1,000 kg
The total number of bags in each pallet box is 25 to 30 .
The number of bags per forehead: 500-600 bags without pallets and 540 pallets .
The number of bags per container is 20 feet: 500 bags without pallets and 430 pallets .
The number of bags per container is 40 feet: 600 bags without pallets and 490-500 pallets .

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