About Ghir Mehr Persian

About Ghir Mehr Persian

Ghir Mehr Parsian Company with more than 30 years of experience, has the national standard mark of Iran, European CE and ISO 9001, with the use of specialist and academic staff as one of the supplier of Bitumen and Isogam on Iran Stock Exchange. Due to the fact that the products of this company are exported in addition to the domestic markets of China, UAE, Afghanistan, Turkey, Georgia and African countries, and given the importance of quality in world markets in several specialized laboratory tests in China, the company's products Parsian is known as a premium product that is used in highway and airport asphalt manufacturing.

It is worth mentioning that the company has projects such as Diamond Building in the UAE, East Azarbaijan Regional Water Authority, 12,000-meter Abhar Reservoir, renovation of Qazvin's Asphalt, Isolation of High Widely Refineries and. . . In his resume.


Honors of Ghir Mehr Parsian Co.

  •  Top company of 1395
  •  Selected National Conference on Building Industry
  •  Selected National Conference on Quality and Standardization
  •  Selected Conference of Founders of Iran Industry
  •  Certified by Nobel
  •  Tenders and acquisitions

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Address Company : Tehran, square Second Tehran Pars, The beginning Huh Finally, Later From Bank Iran the earth, Building Hirad No. 43, Floor 4, Unit 10
Phone number: 74372-021
Zip code: 1653989737
Email address :


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