40/50 Bitumen

40/50 Bitumen

Ghir Mehre Parsian Co., as a supplier of bitumen, is a supplier of refined bitumen, exportation, polymer, domestic packaging in barrels, bulk and cartons.
The numbers in the name of the type of bitumen, such as 40-50, are bituminous permeability in the degree of penetration test used to determine bitumen hardness. In this test, a standard needle under the influence of 100 grams penetrates into the bitumen at 25 degrees within 5 seconds. The penetration value is called tens of millimeters of degree of infiltration. The lower the penetration rate the bitumen is harder and the number 40 is at least 50 and the maximum penetration is 50

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Address Company : Tehran, square Second Tehran Pars, The beginning Huh Finally, Later From Bank Iran the earth, Building Hirad No. 43, Floor 4, Unit 10
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