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A simple way to recognize the quality of a low-quality bitumen is to know: In poorly-treated rubbers, mineral or non-polymeric materials are used instead of high quality polymer or bitumen, and therefore the type of counterfeit is unpleasant odor and similar to industrial diesel ( Mazut).  One can cut a small piece of insulator and, after two hours in a freezer, bend it to an angle of about 120 degrees.  If the bending area is broken or cracked, the insulation is not good and otherwise its resistance to cold and crack is appropriate.  The next method in recognizing the high quality insulation is that it draws its hand on a part of the coating that does not cover the outer layers of the coating, and if it is not transferable to the handwheel, it is evident that in this type of rubble the polymer and bitumen Good quality is used and the quality of the insulation is good.  The foil 10 cm shorter than the width of the sheet Bitumen is a cutting width of 2. 5 cm to 50 cm have a distance of 20 cm the mark after the manager's working up enough to take up some to be the areas marked before rupture must be at least 25 cm (5 cm cache bump) surface unit weight is consistent with the catalog, for example, 4 kilograms per square meter is 4 Mill.  The length of the tees (longitudinal fibers) is uniform throughout the insulation.  The thickness of the insulation is uniform.  A 5 cm cut from the exterior can be torn completely.  The waterproofing must be vertical.  The rubble should be weighed first to be in accordance with the purchasing factor (not lighter). The bitumen should be blown, ie what?  That is, if you touch it with your hands, your hands will be oiled. If the yarn is fine, it will not work, its overlap in the line, the width of your overlap is the same in all rows.  If you are in a closed environment, then the area should be completely smelled of bitumen.  Take a piece of rubble with polycarbonate and polyester.  Sometimes, the heavier rubbers that can be detected in the rubbers are heavily damaged by the vendors.  Do not use the pavement on the asphalt, it will shrink.  The insulation should be flexible.  Make it an edge and fold it down and bend it comfortably.  If the waterproofing is 24 hours a bit, it should be placed underneath a bitumen  . 

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